Why exercise improves stress

We have all heard that exercise is good for stress and mood, but lets take a look at a few reasons why. Also, keep in mind, that as a general rule it is advised a healthy person get 30-40min of cardio 4-5 times per week and do weights 2 times per week.

Changes your focus

Exercise helps you shift your concentration from that which is stressing you out to the task at hand. When you are doing an activity that makes you focus on your body or when you are fighting for your breath, your only goal will be to breathe freely and get though that activity, which makes you lose focus on the things that are stressing you.

Exercise releases endorphins

Endorphins are a chemical that is also released during times of being motivated or happy. These endorphins mood your mood and give you a happy feeling after a satisfying workout or exercise.

Exercise activates the touch receptors

The skin is the most active sensory organ in your body. If you have ever had a whole body massage, you will understand that when these receptors are activated, you have a relaxed sensation. Exercise gives you a similar sensation.

Exercise improves cognition and self esteem

This occurs by forming new synaptic connections and new memories. Exercise also boosts your confidence.

Deep Breathing

A high-intensity workout will naturally increase your breathing rate and depth, as well as your blood circulation, leading to a relaxation effect.

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