Mental Health Overview

Just as our body needs care, so do our minds. Our brain health and mindset are two of the biggest driving factors of our moods, learning ability, and success in life.

Our mindset determines how we will process incoming data from the world around us. Those who implement positive and practical views will spend less time caught up in emotions and irrational thoughts. For those who let fear or pessimism run untamed, unwanted effects such as anxiety or depression can follow. How we think and see the world is a habit that can be adjusted with simple modifications.

Mental health goes beyond just mindset. Chemical imbalances, genetics, traumas, poor gut health, toxins, diet, drugs, and our environments can all impact our brain. It has been proven that those who consume high sugar diets or copious amounts of saturated fats have increased risk for conditions such as Alzheimer’s, stroke, and decreased gray matter.

In addition, as we age the brain starts to shrink. This is why maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout of life is highly important. In this section we will go over some of the best diets, supplements, exercises, and cognition workouts to keep our brains youthful and healthy.  

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