Dry Eye Overview

Dry eye is becoming progressively more common due to increased screen time on phones and computers, poor diets, and changes in the environment such as increased pollution.

Classic dry eye is described as the lack of lubrication in the eye that results in symptoms of redness and discomfort. This lack of lubrication can be due to physical factors like the eye not producing enough tears or by environmental factors such as living in dry, dusty, high pollution areas.

Dry eyes can also occur due to certain situations. For instance, eyes may become dry and irritated following many hours of staring at a computer screen or reading a book, since we tend not to blink less when focusing.

In most cases, dry eye can be managed with a combination of hydrating eye drops, protective eyewear, and medical treatments. Left untreated, dry eye can cause cornea irritation, visual changes, and tear film vulnerability. Thus, it is important to alert your eye doctor of your symptoms when they begin.

In this section we will cover the common causes, symptoms, and treatment options of dry eye, as well as methods to avoid dry eye.

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