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wellness makeover


The 2 session wellness makeover is mind, body, and spirit focused. We will take a look at your current lifestyle habits such as diet, schedule, fitness plan, sleep habits, and living/ working environments to identify what may be inhibiting you from reaching your best health and putting you at risk for future issues. From there we will implement a care plan to get you back on track.

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The 2 session road-map will provide you with perspective and a plan to improve your current health status. We will cover current medical conditions, treatments, risk factors, screening times, test needed, and possible genetic involvements. From there we will implement a care plan using the most up to date research and a holistic approach.

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weight loss


The 3 session weight loss consult will focus on diet and exercise, taking into account your current level of fitness, lifestyle habits, and living/ working environments. We will work on nutrition education and identify what may be inhibiting you from reaching your goals. From there we will implement a care plan to get you, and keep you on track. This program can also be for those looking to tweak their current eating habits.

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mental clarity


This 2 session consult will focus on stress reduction tools as well as ways to improve your mental outlook and goal setting skills. It is well known that stress has a negative impact on our health, sleep, hormones, and energy levels. This program will work to identify physical, mental, and environmental triggers of stress and teach methods that can be implemented to reduce these triggers.

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Jessica Chrisman


Jessica Graduated Magna Cum Lade from the University of Miami and is a board certified FNP. While in school she worked at a cardiac clinic where she served as the head research liaison on a pacemaker and coronary artery study, also assisting in the OR with various procedures.

As a medical provider Jessica has worked in a wide range of specialties including primary care, epidemiology, cardiac surgery, ENT, occupational health, and longevity. She has also held management positions as the clinical coordinator of an epidemiology practice that focused on global health and collaborated with UCLA on their Monkey pox study.

Most recently she works part time as the medical director at one of the top entertainment companies where she treats employees, oversees the operations, and creates educational content. Outside the clinic, she practices concierge medicine and consults for various health startup companies.

Jessica has a passion for education and bridging the gap between health and modern day living. Creating and implementing educational programs for students and employees, Jessica has guest lectured at various campuses and places of employment.

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